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The Prodigy @ The Marquee, Cork

2 Comments 19 June 2009

It was somewhat fortuitously and very much at the last minute that Guess List headed to Cork’s docklands to see The Prodigy open the Marquee summer shows in the rebel county.

En route we took in the split demographic who shell out to see Liam Howlett and co; on the one hand there are the florescent furry booted girls and overall-clad lads, many of whom seem ecstatic to be finished their Leaving (and in some cases even Junior) Certs; on the other there is the “I remember seeing them in ’93 after they brought out Experience…” posse who are more conservatively dressed and hanging at the beer tent pre-gig.

As for the gig itself, the first hour is relentless. The soundcheck/warm-up drone emanating from the Marquee prior to the gig left many media folk and hangers on, seasoned observers from many shows here, wondering just how loud this was going to be. While not ‘My Bloody Valentine loud’ the set packs a punch. Liam and Maxim Reality prowl back and forth on stage working the crowd into a frenzy. Visually too, The Prodigy refuse to let up. Their Slane slot supporting Oasis will hardly do the blistering lighting any justice, but here in the confines of the big top it dazzles.

The set-list seems to toy with a casual listener to the band. Personal favourite Breathe is dispensed with very early on, but just when you think you’ve heard all the trademark tunes and the show is descending into slightly more obscure hardcore-fan pleasing tracks The Prodigy pull out songs like Smack My Bitch Up and newer tracks like the title song from their latest album Invaders Must Die hold up well.

Despite this the show lulls slightly past the 60-minute mark, with both the crowd and band having given it their all for a solid hour. The Out of Space finale unites all the revellers in an arm swaying send off and leaves the fans wanting more as proceedings come to a close.

On leaving the Marquee many accents from across the country are heard and the die-hards, who are on their way to The Savoy for former Prodigy man Leeroy’s post gig set, are clearly looking forward to the Slane support slot. Based on the visceral set dished out tonight, by and large the band wont disappoint and may well be show-stealers this weekend. For the first gig of the Marquee series, The Prodigy haven’t raised the roof – they’ve ripped it right off.


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  1. Liam says:

    Lulls? obviously you where seated

  2. Russell Pitman says:

    The ONLY Lull I had was when I got back to the hotel!! What a gig! Maxim and Keith produced the audio and visual goods and Liam produced the sound that we all come to love!! If you can get to see this tour do it!!!!

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