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Only a few days to go now until Oxegen 2009 whether you’re going or hoping to find a last minute ticket (keep an eye on Toutless for legit tickets at fair prices), we’ve got our festival guide right here!

As always, make sure to keep an eye out for last minute cancellations and schedule changes. Every year there’s always some band who misses a ferry or takes a wrong turn at Naas, so check the Oxegen website, forums and for the latest info before you head off.

The official festival guide is now online with the site map (it’s an 18mb PDF, so non-broadband internet users should go here instead) and lots of other useful info.


There’s loads of different timetables doing the rounds, but by far the best we’ve seen is the one made by Oxegen forum member schtum who’s made a print-friendly PDF that’s much better than the official one; allowing you to see who clashes with who and how long they’re playing for (estimated set times). Download the timetable here!

Also note that the ‘Special Guest‘ playing on the Red Bull stage at 16.45 on Friday will be the mighty Jape. Mystery solved!

Getting there:

Make sure to leave early enough. If you have the day off, then get the try to get on the road before the Friday work crowd arrive. The roads around Punchestown are likely to be mobbed with tailbacks so delays are inevitable, but the earlier you get there the less chance you have of being stuck in a car while your favourite band is playing!

Make arrangements with your mates before you get to the festival. Mobile networks will be swamped with everyone ringing everyone else to tell them to “look for the blue tent on a hill…” – if you can plan to meet at a certain gate, landmark or chipper van you’ll probably save a lot of confusion.

Who to go see

This year’s lineup has a huge array of acts that’ll please everyone from radio pop fans to experimental music cultists. We’d like to take this opportunity to point out some of Guess List’s recommendations!

  • And So I Watch You From Afar
  • God is an Astronaut
  • Fever Ray
  • Foals
  • Hockey
  • Mogwai
  • Nine Inch Nails
  • The Phenomenal Handclap Band


It doesn’t look too good. Both Met Eireann and the BBC are forecasting rain; but as previous years have shown just about anything could happen. By Friday we’ll have a better idea of whether to expect a washout or not; in the meantime make sure to pack the raingear and lots of spare clothes.

Stuff to bring

Cigarettes – If you smoke, bring more than enough with you. Nothing worse than running out late at night and having to resort to prison style trading!

Large water container – don’t throw away those empty 2lt bottles in the campsite; keep them handy for filling with water from the taps. When you wake up parched and hungover at 9am, you won’t want to have to go far for some hydration!

Hygiene – Something that’s easy to forget when you’re trying to cram 6 slabs into the back seat of a car; but having some baby wipes and hand wash gel handy means you’ll be less likely to catch the plague.

Vitamins – Having a couple of bits of fruit or some multivitamins handy can make all the difference between being a bit tired or a broken misery of a person when it comes time to return home on Monday – do try and look after yourself!

Oxegen goes mobile

On Thursday, the organisers will launch the Oxegen mobile phone app which sounds pretty cool. Hopefully it will be a genuinely useful tool, and not just another way for sponsors to spam people about their products…


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