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Spotify clamp down on proxy users

2 Comments 08 September 2009

Uh oh. Looks like Spotify has copped onto people using proxies to use their service. Irish users of Spotify, which is yet to launch here, have received an email informing them that their account is now frozen. As per the email:

Spotify is currently available in six countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, France and the UK.  We never intended to allow use of our service outside of those countries and we do not run any adverts on your account like we do in the launch countries. For this reason we have to restrict your account, you will be able to log in to Spotify and view music and playlists but not listen to any music. We are sorry that we have to take this step.  We do hope to launch our free service in more countries in the future.

So when do we get Spotify here in Ireland?


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2 Comments so far

  1. softhands says:

    Unlikely we’ll ever see it so. Can’t see the Irish market being worth the effort

  2. Donal says:

    This was always going to happen I suppose. Pity as it was a great service which I would probably pay for if I could use it on the iPhone.

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