Meteor Awards outdo themselves…

5 Comments 07 January 2010

‘Probably the Best of the Beatles’ – Alan Partridge on his favourite Fab Four album.

Just when you think the Meteor Awards couldn’t get any more redundant they shortlist the following LPs for Best Album:

Best Irish Pop Album

Blue Lights on the Runway – Bell X1
Tony was an Ex-Con – The Coronas
The Duckworth-Lewis Method – The Duckworth-Lewis Method
Up to Now – Snow Patrol
No Line On The Horizon – U2

Typical nod to big band despite poor record? Check (U2)

Mediocre pop-rock du jour noted? Check (The Coronas)

Album most people attending the awards have never heard of in a vain effort at credibility? Check (The Duckworth-Lewis Method)

Bell X1? Check.

What’s remarkable about this year’s nominees it that the vapid PR hacks who have assembled this marketing tool awards ceremony have actually nominated Snow¬†Patrol’s BEST OF as an album of the year.

Are they that desperate for coverage? So hopeful Gary Lightbody will show up for ‘the optics’ that they will ignore the wealth of good Irish albums released in the last year?

Roll on the Choice Prize.


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  1. Aidan Cuffe says:


    Who runs or does the PR for the meteors, i never get any mails about it (even if its choices leave a lot to be desired)

    would appreciate any info, cheers

  2. Joe says:

    Haven’t a clue! Got the nominees on!

  3. Debbie says:

    “Up To Now” is an anthology rather than a best of. The deluxe edition certainly should qualify as a Best Album nominee – it’s a brilliant package.

  4. Joe says:

    As per

    “Up To Now – the best of Snow Patrol – is now available in the shops in the UK & Irelandand to download worldwide (Including North America, where it available from today).”

    So it is a Best Of. And regardless of how you want to spin it, a collection that predominantly features previously released material is not eligible for any self respecting accolade that seeks to reward new creativity.

  5. CB says:

    A bit late wading in here, and while i have no gr√° for the Meteors or Snow Patrol at all, what you’ve listed about were the nominations for ‘Best Irish Pop Album’ – what else would expect?
    Also, being best irish pop album it isn’t a ‘self respecting accolade that seeks to reward new creativity’ as you put it above…seems fairly reasonable to me that Snow Patrol should be in there.
    The Meteors are fairly mainstream awards, if all the bands you *wished* were nomination actually were, then awards like the Choice award etc would be pretty redundant.
    I don’t see any pop fans looking at the nominees for the Choice & moaning that they’ve not heard of the bands…which is pretty much the equivalent of you looking & the meteors and feeling put out nobody you like is nominated.
    Just my 2 cents.

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