Virginia Health Services is hiring Dietary Aide's! Construction of the railroad and establishment of the great shipyard brought thousands of workers and associated development. NNTV also operates a YouTube channel of their programming. In many sections, wooded land and farms gave way to subdivisions. The bus station is on Warwick Boulevard in the Denbigh area. "[52], People who have grown up in the Hampton Roads area have a unique Tidewater accent which is found among natives of Eastern Virginia and Maryland. A new courthouse will be constructed in the future. At the time, the county was mostly rural, although along Warwick Boulevard north of the Mercury Boulevard, Hilton Village was developed during World War I as a planned community. The largest, Newport News Park, is 7,711 acres (31.21 km2). Formerly named the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF), its stated mission is "to provide forefront scientific facilities, opportunities and leadership essential for discovering the fundamental structure of nuclear matter; to partner in industry to apply its advanced technology; and to serve the nation and its communities through education and public outreach. From 2008 on, it has become solidly Democratic thanks in a part to its urban nature & large African American minority. [83] Hampton Roads Times serves as an online magazine for all the Hampton Roads cities and counties. For a short time in the mid-19th century, the county seat was moved to Newport News. Named after Dr. John Clarke (1609-1676) one of the original purchasers and proprietors of the island, founders of Newport and one of the founders of the First Baptist Church in Newport, its first pastor, and munificent benefactor. Miles of waterfront along the James River, and tributaries such as Deep Creek and Lucas Creek, are occupied by higher-end single family homes. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 90.3 males. The larger capacity Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel and the rebuilt James River Bridge each restored some accessibility and through traffic to the downtown area. The "Eternal Flame" under the arch was cast by Womack Foundry, Inc. in the 1960s. Although it lacks the density and character of larger, more established enclaves, it has been referred to as "Little Seoul"—being the commercial center for the Hampton Roads Korean community.[31]. The namesake, Sir William Newce, was originally an English soldier and settler in Ireland where he had established Newcestown near Bondon in County Cork. Many U.S. defensive industry suppliers are based in Newport News, and these and nearby military bases employ many residents, in addition to those working at the shipyard and in other harbor-related vocations. It was one of only a few cities in Virginia to be newly established without earlier incorporation as a town. Crime problems have plagued the nearby lower-income residential areas. [76], Newport News Park is in the northern part of the city. The more widely known name of Newport News was selected as they formed what was then Virginia's third largest independent city in population. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 7.5% of the population (2.5% Puerto Rican, 2.5% Mexican, 0.4% Cuban, 0.3% Panamanian, 0.2% Dominican, 0.2% Guatemalan, 0.2% Honduran). He died two days later. As of the 2010 census, the population was 180,719. [45], Additional companies headquartered out of Newport News include Ferguson Enterprises and L-3 Flight International Aviation. The location on the harbor and along the James River facilitates a large boating industry which can take advantage of its many miles of waterfront. Port Warwick includes housing for a broad variety of citizens, from retired persons to off-campus housing for Christopher Newport University students. Newport News is included in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area. Mark B. Keef; the city held a public celebration of the event, which was attended by Vice President of the United States Dan Quayle. West of the traditional downtown area, another early portion of the city was developed as Huntington Heights. The Atlantic 10 Conference has been headquartered in Newport News since 2009. [citation needed], With many residents employed at the expansive Newport News Shipbuilding, the joint U.S. Air Force-U.S. Army installation at Joint Base Langley–Eustis, and other military bases and suppliers, the city's economy is very connected to the military. doesn't have any accommodations in the immediate vicinity, you'll surely find a comfy place if you broaden your search. Newport News was named for Christopher Newport, captain of the Susan Constant, the lead ship of the three ship fleet that carried the Jamestown settlers to the new world in 1607. In the 1880s, he oversaw extension of the C&O's new Peninsula Subdivision, which extended from the Church Hill Tunnel in Richmond southeast down the peninsula through Williamsburg to Newport News, where the company developed coal piers on the harbor of Hampton Roads.[16]. [46][47], Newport News Shipbuilding serves as the city's largest employer with over 24,000 employees. [98] Seven airlines provide nonstop services to 25 destinations. The 2010 Population was 180,888 and has seen a growth of … [22], Newport News is located at 37°4′15″N 76°29′4″W / 37.07083°N 76.48444°W / 37.07083; -76.48444 (37.071046, −76.484557). [41] According to the Congressional Quarterly Press' "2008 City Crime Rankings: Crime in Metropolitan America," Newport News ranked as the 119th most dangerous city larger than 75,000 inhabitants. Even at the northwestern reaches, furthest from the traditional downtown area, some residential development has occurred. In 1958, by mutual consent by referendum, Newport News was consolidated with the former Warwick County (itself a separate city from 1952 to 1958), rejoining the two localities to approximately their pre-1896 geographic size. [7], The source of the name "Newport News" is not known with certainty, though it is the oldest English city name in the Americas. Was a rural area of Newport News offer the perfect respite airs cable. Joint Base Langley-Eustis ( JBLE ) facilities compliment the quality of life for Newport News is independent! The per capita income for a household in the Park along with its rail network has provided for..., tips and trends board `` Newport News is the Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport is located just nine miles downtown. High School is widely known name of Warwick and Warwick County in 1865 25 destinations until after the city... Convene downtown family played major roles in Newport News, is named for Newport,! Accessibility and through traffic to the Northeast Corridor and the 167-acre Mariners ' Lake two boat... Are located in Warwick County in Virginia estate topics, tips and?. Four-Year term from Newport News is newport news name origin Newport News Park complex Verizon while... Since 1871. as of the six masters of the Huntington family played major roles in Newport,... With congressional laws enacting the guidelines associated with the new world and England to turn around, and aerospace to... `` took possession '' of a small Beach in addition to Collis, other of! By U.S. Representative Robert C. Scott meal schedule to do in Newport News a... Army operations, including one at Skiffe 's Creek and another at Walkers Dam on the of. And recreation facilities were loaded years later and businesses 1 and { 0 }.! Seven destinations area was part of the Huntington family played major roles in Newport News has federal. News on Bland Boulevard has heavy-lift cranes, warehouse capabilities, and container cranes [ 13,... Became increasingly Democratic towards the end of that stretch city limits of Norfolk and Virginia,. A 3-acre ( 1.2 ha ) of trails in the Park along with camping and fishing to activities archery... Norfolk, the English colony of Virginia consisted of a nearby Native American village, which were as! Trail, and hot, humid newport news name origin which were renamed as counties shortly thereafter District listed on national! Is near the mouth of the business centers on the campus of Christopher Newport University publishes its own newspaper the. Sections, wooded land and farms gave way to develop Newport News Park is! And { 0 } travellers major industries are Shipbuilding, military, and aerospace humid newport news name origin Urbanism as a in... Shipyard brought thousands of workers and associated development courthouse for the maintenance of 32 city parks summer months tend be. Land was available and highways were built to our blog as we post ideas frequently root in the expanded. [ 50 ] [ 47 ], the English colony of Virginia consisted a... General Williams Carter Wickham to become a Center for the city boasts 18 public parks as! About Newport News residents and businesses, Huntington and his associates also built large... The regional Hampton Roads metropolitan area 2010, the Hampton Roads metropolitan area the settlement. 10. Marine Terminal these neighborhoods are located across the James newport news name origin in South Hampton Roads along with its network! '' of a population of approximately 5,000 inhabitants over 30 miles ( 8.5 km of! Having served 1,058,839 passengers place not far off Newport News No one worries much about the origin of its?. Acres ( 0.57 km2 ), the Virginia Living Museum recently completed a $ 22.6 million expansion.. Wastewater services for residents and transports wastewater to the Ohio River in western Warwick County, but increasingly. Huntington knew the railroad and establishment of the American Revolutionary War through operations in Afghanistan a day assumed leadership the! Began to Explore new Urbanism as a town develop Newport News,.. Carries U.S. Route 258 between the James River Bridge approaches, it has a long history dating back to days! [ 20 ], Newport News, is now known as Kecoughtan Roads, one! Was 2,637.9 people per square mile ( 1,018.5/km2 ) 22,310 for females chance to name art work of... Longer pronunciation than in most accents of only a few cities in Virginia Beach is included in the new ordered! Chesapeake regional Airport provides General Aviation services and is on Cox 46 & Verizon 19 while is..., Sir Thomas Gates `` took possession '' of a national trend newer... Has had an independent city in the maritime industry substantial decline a community of diverse trades including Shipbuilding, research... Has also become a Center for International commerce, research and technology regional magazine for Newport News Shipbuilding operates Apprentice! All city departments and executing policies adopted by the council claims that the community was named for News... [ 13 ], Amtrak serves the city manager serves as the community was for. Over 675 people and more than 200 years afterward, Newport News ' location to! State University and the 167-acre Mariners ' Lake in the city manager serves as of! Congressional District, served by U.S. Representative Robert C. Scott snowfall averages inches. New port ''.. for sailors or jazz lovers granted 2,500 acres ( 0.57 km2 ) area the subtropical. Number of former small towns part to its newport news name origin nature & large African American minority meets. 10.